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Kerala Land Information Mission


Preliminary survey
Total villages Online:439
Total villages online:813

E-Rekha is an internet based survey records data directory of the state that allow the users to explore information related to the cadastral data pertaining to the Survey &Land Records department of the State. This site also gives provision for the purchase of survey data via online payment method.

The e-rekha portal will essentially be used for the following objectives:

  • Give digital access to survey records anywhere any time to all the stakeholders especially land owners
  • Digital preservation and archiving of land records to protect interest of various stakeholders especially to the government
  • To ensure transparency on land transactions by providing online viewing facilities of survey records

This project sanctioned by the 9th Empowered Committee of Kerala Land Information Mission to physically conserve and digitize the age old survey records (preliminary survey) which are kept in the Central Survey Office of Thiruvananthapuram. The resurvey data digitized by Mission's Central Digitization Centre is also brought in to this platform for the benefit of public.


Sl. No Type of records Fees per page in Rs. (including tax)
1 Taluk Map 1000
2 District Map 1000
3 Litho map (Old Survey) 1000
4 Block Map (Re survey) 1000
5 Measurement Plan(Old Survey) 750
6 FMB Resurvey 750
7 Land Register (Resurvey) 1400
8 Settlement Register 1400
9 Correlation Statement 1000
10 Area List 550

Project Implemented by Kerala Land Information Mission, Government of Kerala

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